About Us

The Latvian company ATB Innovations was founded in 2007. The main task is the introduction of new information technologies in the trading systems in the Baltic States, Europe and Russia, the development of highly efficient solutions for various businesses and the optimization of the work of enterprises.

Together with the company “1C” we offer a comprehensive solution for accounting and financial management of enterprises with various fields of activity.
The company provides a full range of services from development to product introduction at the enterprise.

Together with the Italian company “Webas S.r.l.” for the production of electronic price tags, the technology of their use in electronic commerce was developed. On the basis of several enterprises in Latvia, this technology was tested and successfully introduced.

The experience of using our innovations has been accumulated in more than 500 enterprises of the Baltic, Europe and Russia.

Our experience will allow you to easily launch a project of any complexity, you also get the highest service and good support.